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What do we do?

Starting a business can be very stressful especially when you don’t know where to start. Spending hours online trying to figure it all out is time consuming and irritating. Let us take the stress away and do it for you mentoring you every step of the way. We help entrepreneurs start business from the ground up? That's right! We assist with obtaining everything from your EIN to registering with the Secretary of State. We also assist with logo’s, marketing materials, business insurance, creating your business a website, accounting, creating social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, registering your business with Google, scheduling systems, POS systems and much more.​

So you help me start my business but what about after… how do I manage it all?

We will show you how to operate all of your accounts but if you prefer to have someone else manage them for you we can enroll you in our monthly maintenance program where we handle it all for you.​

I don’t have an office. Can you serve as my office and book appointments and everything for me?

We sure can. We can serve as your front desk and book appointments, invoice customers for you as well as call and confirm appointments, handle your social media posting and much more​.

Are you business consultants and can you serve as a legal advisor?

We are NOT business advisors or consultants. Our Small Business Solutions department serves only as a resource to assist you and as a mentor in starting your business. We do not claim to be Business Advisors or Business Consultants therefor all decisions are solely made from the client (you) and no legal action may be taken on our company for business decision or outcomes. We do NOT give legal, financial or law advice. Accountants and Marketing reps are outsourced and are not affiliated with Chefella’s Café and Event Planning or the Small Business Solutions department.​

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